Improving Green Infrastructure (GI) is investing in a sustainable future: a better Tomorrow!

But how is the improvement in GI ensured, also after having applied the GIFT-T! tools? A GI Business Plan (GIBP) helps to get the process going into action, but it is not a guarantee for continuation.

What to do to keep on track?  

  • Action follows to inspiration, vision building and interactive design. Carry out the plans and demonstrate to the public what has been done.
  • Make it a joint effort to raise resources (e.g. money, land). Here, new governance models like co-governance also plays an important role.
  • The actions are a shared responsibility. Everybody carry out the tasks they have agreed upon. At least one actor should coordinate progress.
  • Participatory monitoring help to ensure progress. It may be part of the GIBP to schedule a yearly moment to evaluate the individual projects or business cases. Which of them are creating new GI or energy in the network and which projects show a lack of leverage.

Take time to proceed from a hierarchical (state-led) governance model to co-governance and find by trial and error a modus that fits to the area and the social network.