GI Business Plans

In the GIFT-T! approach, the network at the regional level aims to bring inspiration and develops a vision on the region (see also the roadmap). After the network built a shared vision on GI, it is time to write a GI Business Plan (GIBP).

The GIBP is a document that offers all stakeholders the overview on the opportunities to improve GI. It is based in the (long term) vision on GI, but also uses information about the current GI and the needed GI to formulate goals, that are specific in time and space. Part of those goals may be very well defined and ready to be brought into action, some of them have to wait for resources or another ‘political climate’. 

The concrete ideas, initiatives or even projects are called GI Business Cases. (GIBC’s). These business cases are described in terms of what, when, how and who. GIBC’s are important for the Future!. As soon as resources, land, money or political goals change, they come into action and GI gets improved.

GIBP’s do not have to follow a fixed format. They are made in a participatory process and the contents of the GIBP will reflect the priorities, activities and preferences of the stakeholders. In GIFT-T! several GIBP’s were delivered. Use them as inspiration for your own GIBP:

The Mersey forest 

Vlaamse rand (in development)

Hoo Peninsula (in development)

Mijn Groen, Ons Groen (in development)

Landduinen (in development)