Web based consultation tool

This tool is an interactive website that allows members of the community to give their comments about where they would like improved green infrastructure at a scale relevant to them.

The scale level and phase to be applied: Input local communities.

The target group: Applicable for everyone, including regional stakeholders, organisations, landowners and individual members of the community.

The effect in the planning process: On the dedicated webpage people were able to add pins, comments and votes about green infrastructure assets they like, locations they’d like to see more, and locations they’d like to see improved management. This raised awareness about green infrastructure providing ecosystem services in a language and scale that community members could identify with.

The on line website was mirrored by an offline version that was developed for use at a number of outdoor community events. All of the information gathered at the events was added to the online map.

The results of this process was integrated into the co-created ecosystem services priority list, providing guidance in deciding how green infrastructure needs adaptation to achieve a desire. Further wide scale consultation for the draft version of the plan was undertaken using the website where it displayed indicative woodland cover targets and the related policy wording for each area. There was an option to comment directly on these targets and policies, thus enhancing collaborative action.

The interactive map is being kept live, with the intention of including on it an indication of projects planned, under way and completed, especially where these correspond to stated stakeholder desires.

Contact person
Tom Butlin, The Mersey Forest, tom@merseyforest.org.uk
More information and full description of the tool
The Mersey Forest Plan (to reach the interactive map)