What is in the GIFT-T! manual for me?

The GIFT-T! approach provides:

  • roadmap as an example of a stakeholder based planning process,
  • a wide range of tools to carry out stakeholder based planning
  • inspiring examples of GIFT-T! stakeholder based planning.

The manual shares the GIFT-T! philosophy, approach, tools and outcomes.

Who can use the manual?
Everyone who consider to initiate stakeholder based planning based on the concepts of GI and ecosystem services. This manual shows policy makers how their policy benefit from a well-designed bottom-up process. It provides inspirational tools to planners and shares the insights of several businesses that already work with other stakeholders on the improvement of GI for ecosystem services.
If you want to know what Green Infrastructure can provide, have a look at the benefits. And if you want to learn more about how to explain and communicate the benefits of ecosystem services, you can get inspired by the tools to support communication.